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Slinging Pixels: the building of Make Mine Love - Part 2 - graphic design elements

In this post, Jasmine Abbey (Guru instructor and illustrator/graphic designer), shares her perspectives on her work on "Make Mine Love." // more

Slinging Pixels: the building of Make Mine Love - Part 3 - scene by scene

In this post we look at each of the scenes in Make Mine Love that had some form of digital media production involved and how. // more

Slinging Pixels: the building of Make Mine Love - Part 1 - the Car Chase Scene


Over the next few posts, we will publish some details about working on the Make Mine Love project and look at the talent and technologies involved in transporting our audience back to 1938 for a screwball comedy. // more

Video Game Designers Launch First Kick at Kickstarter

In April, we welcomed a new group of Video Game Design students who were excited to begin their journey towards joining the ever growing ranks of professional game designers, builders and producers. One of the first things they had to do was design and build a board game. This had to be developed to a level that would be worthy of a Kickstarter campaign. Not just worthy, but realized. These student projects have been supported by the design program students. // more

Video Game Design Students Publish their First Projects!

Over the past several weeks, our Video Game Design class has been hard at work developing their original video games. They have now published their games, and you can check them out online! Under the guidance of our Video Game Design and 3D Animation Production facutly (Mark Barazzuol, Cody Schiebelbein, and Meaghen Hicks), this group of avid gamers have built, tested, and published their very first online games that YOU can play! // more

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